Heavy clouds hung over the farm the first time I visited Transplanting Traditions. Despite the chill in the air and the threat of rain, dozens of farmers were working the fields, preparing for their first spring crops. The farm, where Burmese refugees grow food for themselves and to sell,  is located just outside of Chapel Hill, NC, and provides community, food security, education and a livelihood for refugees.

The farmers get as many rows as they can handle working in a season. Then they prepare the fields, plant them, and care for them until harvest. What they do with the harvest is up to them. Some people farm simply to have favorite foods that remind them of home, while others have CSAs and sell at the Carrboro and Chapel Hill farmer’s markets. I will be documenting the farm and the families through the 2015 growing season, as well as helping them to balance their soil for growing nutrient-dense crops. Check back to witness the transformation of this sleepy ground into a thriving, exotic jungle!